May 29, 2015

2015 Ballot: Trees Approved, Hardi-plank Rejected

The polls closed with sixty four percent (64%) of owners voting  (no proxies).

Assessments. No incremental projects were approved (e.g., pet station).  2015 rate = $996.00

Trees. Approved. The installations of four large trees on the property was approved. 85% voted in favor of replacing the marquee tree in the Wilshire cul-de-sac and 80% voted in favor of adding three trees to be placed on the property in architecturally favorable (corrective) locations on Brentwood.

Pet Station. Defeated. The installation of pet waste station was defeated.  Only 30% of voters in favor.

Board. The vacant board seats were filled by the incumbents, Ranew (4th term), Bauer (4th term), Scott (2nd term).

The vote on the amendments which need 67% owner approval (and where ballots can be collected over a 1 year period) was as follows:

Hardi-plank. Defeated. The proposal to convert to a Hardi-plank exterior siding was soundly defeated. This conversion, which requires approval of  67% of owners,  was supported by only 14% of owners. Of those voting,  25% were in favor,  55% against, and 20% unsure.  Clearly, this initiative does not have the community support to go forward.

Mortgages. Pending. The amendment for subordination of the lien to mortgages, a board initiative from 2014 was was favored by 91% of the voters in the election. This amendment is still short of passing with 61 of the required 64 owners approving.

Violation fines. Pending. The amendment to add violation fines for architectural control, and owner initiative arising from the annual meeting was was favored by 65% of the voters, but will need an additional 25 vote to reach the amendment quota.

Thanks to the 20 owners who participated in the annual meetings and submitted 3 initiatives and the 61 owners who voted.

The counts:
Subordination of the Lien to Mortgages:  53 approve, 5 not approve, 3 no answer
Subordination of the Lien to Mortgages:  8 approve (prior ballots) 
Violation Fines:  39 approve, 21 not approve, 1 no answer     
Three New Trees:  48 approve, 12 not approve, 1 no answer  
Replace Wilshire Tree:  52 approve, 9 not approve  
Pet Waste Containers:  18 approve, 42 not approve, 1 no answer  
Directors: Scott, Bauer, Ranew
Hardi-plank Amendment:  18 yes, 30 no, 11 unsure, 2 no answer  
Hardi-plank Dues:  14 yes, 31 no, 11 unsure, 5 no answer  
Attend Block Parties: 33 yes, 24 no, , 4 no answer
July 18th:  27 RSVP                
Oct. 6th:   25 RSVP           
Volunteer to work on Block Party: 11 yes, 33 no, 17 no answer
Volunteer for work projects: 13 yes, 45 no, 3 no answer
Lamp Post Replacement Group Purchase:  19 yes, 23 not needed, 17 unsure, 2 no answer  
  1. I would like to suggest, to also implement an option for homeowners to have the alternative to pay out of pocket for home improvements [Hardi-plank]. 
  2. Wilshire Drive needs a speed bump like the other streets.[2010 Vote: Speed bumps not approved
  3. Limit access to the neighborhood with a gate. [2013 Vote: 61% of owners favor a gate]
  4. Return of the speed bumps. Not the yellow ones but like the one at the entrance. I never got a chance to vote on the removal and several residents told me that they didn't either. [2010 Vote: Speed bumps not approved Note: Owner did vote in 2010.
  5. Did anyone attend open house at Christ Church Thursday week ago for Q&A on the Mid Town Express project? Unable too but passed between 4 - 8 pm the lot was full. Would like to know their time line although dirt is starting to move... [Copy of presentation]
  6. There are too many lamp posts either non operational or no new bulbs. Some home entrance are very very dark and no lights makes it unsafe for a homeowner to access their front doors. Just saying... 
  7. The money never goes to anything more than mowing yard and killing the grass. So I would not vote for spending more on anything.