May 29, 2015

183 Midtown Express Breaks Ground

The SH 183 Esters to Regal road segment will begin this Summer,  2015. The Midtown Express project will be built with an interim and an ultimate phase (15 - 20 years from now).  SouthGate Constructors is responsible for the $847 million “interim” phase portion of the project.

Interim phase will be 3 main lanes in either direction (ultimate will be 4), 1 manged lanes (ultimate will be 2 - raised), and service road will range from 0-3 lanes depending on the different segments.

The interim construction is scheduled to reach completion in 2018. The ultimate project will be built in the next 15 to 20 years or when funding becomes available.

The project phases are:
  • Reconstruct portions of frontage roads
  • Reconstruct portions of general purpose lanes
  • Construct one managed toll lane in each direction
  • Construct one managed lane westbound on SH 114 from SH 161 to International Parkway

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