March 17, 2013

Election 2013 Results

The 2013 assessments were approved at $225 a quarter and $900 per year with a $60 discount for anyone paying the annual rate by April 10.

The elected directors are Robert Bauer, Randy Ranew, Shirley Otradovec, Vivian Scott and Jeff Waldrum.

The Sale of the Land to TxDOT was approved.

The capital expenses for finishing the refurbishment of the traffic spikes was approved.  The initiation of the lamp post replacement program was not approved.

Painting the fire lane was approved. Block party funding was not approved.

Sixty-one (61%) of the voters are interested in exploring options for a new security gate. Sixty-one (61%) of the voters said that they preferred not to have a winter lawn (September - April).   Nine homeowners expressed interest in a community garage sale.

We thank everyone for participating in this ballot.  Your voice shapes this community!