January 10, 2012

SH183 Delayed Until After 2016

Nasser Askari of the Texas Department of Transportation has informed us that the expansion of SH 183, part of SH 183/Loop 12/SH 114 interchange (CSJ 0581-02-124) project that includes the Association's land is scheduled for letting in January 2016, subject to availability of funding.  At this point, the project is 4-6 years away.

The Association has been in contact with the right of way acquisition team (Sonya Rolston) to clarify our needs so that they will be included in the appraisal of the property when the time comes.  Ms. Rolston explained that the new appraisal will include funds to compensate for the value of the property and funds for the Association to make modifications to the walls, signage, and traffic spikes to return the property to its original function and stay within code.