January 24, 2021

Voting Results 2021

67% of the owners (62% of the units owned) turned out for this year's vote. This is the eleventh consecutive vote with 60%+ owner participation.  The results are as follows. The annual meeting will be held on February 22, 2021 at the South Irving Library.

Is the community on the right path:  64% of this years voters provided "Not sure" or negative ratings, moving the needle just below the mid-point. This is the first time the rating has not been in the dark green "yes" segment.

Assessments for 2021: Assessments will be $354 a quarter which includes:
  • $354.00 to cover mandatory expenditures and reserves (a 12% increase over last year) - approved by 67% of voters,
  • $0.00 for the lamppost hanger - the initiative was not approved with 78% of respondents saying "leave things as they are".
  • $0.00 for community wide security camera initiative - while the initiative was not approved, there was strong interest as 30% of voters were willing to pay an additional $26.00 per quarter (an additional 8% increase over last year) for this security improvement. 
  • $0.00  for a block party - this initiative was not approved, as only 19% of respondents were supportive of a 2021 event.

Long term capital saving and spending plan

The 2018 long term capital saving/spending plan was re-affirmed by a vote of 87%. This was a second vote on the same plan that was approved in 2019 by 84% of voters.

Owners' Preferences

Notice media: 93% of owners prefer email over paper notices on their door.

Frequency of community newsletters: 53% of owners say communication is too infrequent

Response time on inquiries: 46% of owners say response time is too slow.

Using on-line account  60% are using their online account. 17% don't know how. 22% were not interested.

Shipping from mail room: 39% of the community is shipping mail/UPS/FedEx/DHL from the mail center. Others are using the mail room only for the receiving mail/packages.

Write in comments

27% of voters offered write in comments, an unusually high number. Since the number is high and there was no annual meeting, they are being shared here.

Caveat: The comments are from 16 voters.  43 voters did not provide a comment. To help keep the bias in perspective, the chart to the right compares the "community path" ratings of the 16 who commented vs the 43 who did not. Please keep this limitation in mind when reviewing the following.
  • Thank you for volunteering your time and talent. I appreciate it. God bless you.
  • I appreciate the volunteers. Thank you for your service.
  • The unpaid assessments are concerning. What happened in 2019? Why no improvement in 2020? Progress updates would be appreciated.
  • How does one progress when dues are behind? Or did I misunderstand? Thanks
  • I like the idea of the security gates and camera systems. Will we have service contracts?
  • Having very hard time to get in touch with someone with the association... very poor progress and annual amount is increasing not good.. sorry to say we are disappointed. 
  • I'm not getting enough information from the HOA to know anything going on with the community or what progress has been done.
  • I'm sorry to see that another board president has resigned.
  • We need to mend the divisiveness in the community. It serves no one.
  • More communication would be good.
  • past 2 years has been horrible with no action being taken to control HOA business. The people that live here have no appreciation to board members and the people who volunteer there work to keep the HOA going. WHY DO I SAY THAT. I was on the board many years ago got the place back in running order then got my butt chewed. It's been that way ever since. Be on the board then get your butt chewed for not doing the job.
  • How about enforcing the current by laws to control the parking in the street, abuse of visitor parking, holding home owners responsible when the renters are in violation of by laws, community rules and regulations and use all means necessary in collecting unpaid dues. Why is there even consideration of installing cameras to try and discover more violations when we can't even take care of the current issues that we are aware of???? Let's consider clearing our plates before we start piling more onto them.
  • A gate for the back exit is the most redundant thing we've ever done. We'’ve had more crime in the past 3 years than we've ever had and the back gate installation will only discourage dealerships from using our community as a test drive route. [Editors note: The gate was voted on in 2019 and an entry gate was one option - click here for results]
  • They should put a security gate at the entrance of the property
  • Lights are out on front entry, flowers not planted, wrecked vehicles in two different driveways makes our neighborhood trashy.
  • We have received virtually no information on what we are voting for.  I received no information on the illegal billing of dues in 2020 for an assessment that lasted a year - cameras for mail room.  Were the services - lawn mowing, tree trimming, sprinkler system submitted for bid - if not how did you determine "market price.  Since we have had no meeting for two years why was detailed information posted and ideas from property owners solicited? [Ed note: There was no meeting/budget vote in 2020 because of CoViD-19 meeting restrictions.]

Ballots: 59 
Quorum: 62% (50% required)
First ballot: January 13, 2021 2:44 PM
Last ballot: January 23, 2021 1:39 PM
Budget: 37 approve, 18 do not approve 
Reserve study: 48 approve, 7 no
Security camera: 17 approve, 40 no
Lamppost Hanger: 11 get new, 2 remove, 45 leave as is
Block party: 11 approve, 47 no
Send USPS: 15 yes
Send UPS: 12 yes
Send FedEx DHL 6 yes
Send Mail: 23 yes
Send Nothing: 37
Board notices: 55 email, 4 note/door, 0 mail
Communication-frequency: 28 satisfactory, 31 too infrequent
Response-time: 1 fast, 30 satisfactory, 26 too slow
On-line-account: 35 use it, 10 don't know how, 13 don't
Right path:
    Yes: 7
    For the most part: 14
    Not sure
: 17
    Not so much: 13
    No: 8
Election monitoring and counting: Two vote monitors/counters independently collected, verified ballots and counted the votes separately of each other. After the polls closed, the monitors/counters compared results, performed recounts where they deemed appropriate, certificated the tally and edited/approved this report. The ballots (in a signed and sealed envelope as per state law) will be delivered to the President, Randy Ranew, for archiving. A recount by a Justice of the Peace may be requested in a small claims court as per procedures outlined in Texas state law.