November 8, 2017

Resident Survey Results

A mail and traffic survey was completed in November. The results are as follows:


83% of residents collect their mail between 6-9 AM and 4-8 PM.
Comment: So these are our “open door” hours. Our mailman comes between 1:30 - 2:30 PM. His name is Ron. He is new to our route this year.

36% of residents report receiving mis-delivered mail in their mailbox multiple times a month.
Comment: Surprised? There is a pen on the sorting table to table mark “no longer lives here” or "delivered to wrong box” before putting in the mail collection box.


27 packages were stolen from the doorsteps of 12 homes last year. 33 mailboxes were also broken into last year.
Comment: This is a growing national problem. The mail room was built and wired to have additional security added in the years to come including package lockers and remote monitoring.

Residents anticipate receiving more than 1,000 postal packages and 1,300 carrier packages in 2018, or 10 parcels a day community wide.
Comment: More than most thought! 5. 8 resident have used a remote locker like an Amazon locker at a gas station, and 27 residents report are receiving some packages at work.

32 residents are considering having their packages delivered to the mail center at some point in 2018 instead of their doorstep.
Comment: Stores purchase those lockers from Amazon in order to bring traffic to their stores. Some malls are doing it too.

Security Gate

51% of the residents would like to see an active security gate on the property
Comment: Interest is a security gate has been consistently above the 50% mark in three surveys over the last 4 years. And many of the people who want it, really want it and can’t understand why we aren’t doing it. But wait a minute! Many people don’t think it worth the cost and many of them have strong feelings about it. A security gate was 8 votes short of being approved in the 2017 election (42% voted for it). This is a tough one. Continuation of Traffic Management & Blocking of the Exit

83% of respondents wanted to continue with the current traffic management including blocking the alley periodically. 50% of them felt that we needed to do even more. 17% felt we should do nothing - let the traffic flow.