October 23, 2017

Mailbox Switchover Plan

On November 4, the USPS will switch service from the old mailbox clusters to the new mail and package delivery center.  The center will be open from 4PM - 8PM and accessible after hours via touch pad.

Our thanks to the 48 owners who commented on the design and layout of the package delivery center.

62% of owners pick up mail between 4-8 PM on weekdays
47% of owners pick up mail between 5-9 AM on weekdays
42 packages a year (17 USPS, 25 other) is the average
27 packages were stolen from doorsteps in the last year
27 owners have received some packages at work
9 owners have used an Amazon locker at a remote location
92% are considering receiving packages at the central mailroom

For information of the conversion, please click this link:

For information video on these "Amazon style" package lockers, please click this link: