July 8, 2014

Mid-Year Association Meeting

The mid-year meeting of the Association was held last night at the Irving Main Library.  Twenty-two members were in attendance.  Chad Johnson presided over the meeting which included:
  1. a review of the reasons why the Association is switching management companies at midyear and a status of that transition; 
  2. a discussion about vandalism and drive through traffic and how owners can band together to deal with these problems; 
  3. a  brainstorming session  on how the community will participate in National Night Out (October 7th) and use the grant money provided by the City of Irving;
  4. a presentation of the ongoing maintenance efforts in the community completed so far this year;
  5. an announcement of plans to re-stripe the fire lanes in July;
  6. a comprehensive review of the paint program from 2009 - 2014 and a nod from the attendees to stay the course.

Meeting minutes are in process.  Attached is Chad's paint program presentation.