November 9, 2012

Neighbors Working Together

The forty-five foot, dead Maple on the north side of the property (2013 Wilshire) was removed in a cooperative effort of the Association, the homeowner and the City of Irving.

The Association supervised the work the Association's contractor did the work at 40% less than two other bids. The work was paid for by the owner. The City agreed to haul off the large cuttings at no charge saving the owner a hauling and dumping charge.

Three other dead trees were removed in the community in cooperative efforts this week.

Maples do not do well in high heat and both trees were were weakened and became infected with the fungus Verticillium. Verticillium is common in many soils. This disease can become a serious problem on weakened Maples in infested soils as the fungus persists in the soil indefinitely. Often, Maples exhibit no symptoms.