August 2, 2012

Community Garage Re-roofed

The 2023 community center / garage was re-roofed today by Evans and Horton Roofing.  The majority of the expense was paid for by the Association insurer.

In 2009, the Association took possession of this property from Howard Freeman (the developer) and converted the garage for community use, resolved the back taxes and pending lien, insured the property, and worked with the City to have it addressed as 2023 (previously it was 23 Wilshire Lane).

The units were emptied and the interior was painted in 2009. A header over the garage door and lamps were added in 2010. The exterior was painted in 2011. The garage was furnished with tables and chairs to seat 50 in 2011 (purchased at auction).  In 2012, the garage was re-roofed.  Later this year, the concrete fences will be painted.