July 31, 2012

29 Years of Unpaid Water Service

The City of Irving discovered and illegal un-metered tap into the water main on Brentwood Drive where the irrigation system serving 24 homes is connected.  The unpaid water use was estimated at $50,000.00

The Association was able to negotiate a nonpayment of water services or fees for the past usage.   The City did, however, require the installation of an elaborate and costly commercial meter, check valves and screens.

Financial implications
  1. Association received $50,000 in free water (1983-2012)
  2. The new meter costs $5,200  and a  $750  deposit and will be paid for from the emergency reserves.
  3. Future water expenses will be 33% higher as we will be paying for irrigation on 95 homes -- not 70 as we have been paying.

The photo shows the new check-valve and filter assembly located at 1615 Brentwood. The meter is not in the photo.