March 7, 2011

Going to Online Account Records

The Beverly Oaks Homeowners' Association is updating its current accounting system.  The Association is partnering with Associa to provide real time on-line account access to account records. Owners will now be able to check balances, see when payments have been received, make purchases and pay on-line.  The new service will be available by March 15, 2011.  

This new system is part of an overall effort to provide  information to owners so that they may be more involved in the business of the Association.  Additionally, the project is largely paperless and will reduce photocopy and courier expenses and is better for the environment.

Associa started as a small property management firm in Dallas, Texas in 1979 and has grown to  become the nation's largest company devoted exclusively to the management of homeowners' associations.  

The net cost, of this initiative to owners, after the elimination of other management services, is $0.52 per month per home.  The other management services were terminated on 12/31/10. We have not included the savings for copies in this figure.