February 24, 2011

2011 Landscaper Replaced

The Association and SMH Landscaping agreed to terminate their  2011 landscaping contract effective February 14th.  The Association has signed a new contract with Steven's Lawn Service to begin March 1st.

SMH Landscaping's first engagement, the spring cutback on February 12, was fraught with problems.  The crew showed up short handed and the one day project was not completed after two days.  The hedge cutback was uneven and large clippings were left on the ground and in the shrubs. The company did not want to return to pick up and bag the debris.  Another company was paid to clean up the community on (February 16).

In the agreement, the Association does not pay SMH for service rendered in 2011.

Steven's Lawn serviced the Beverly Oaks community in 2010.  They initially were not rehired because of increased rates.  The Board of Directors has negotiated a budget neutral contact renewal.  Steven's will service the lawn on Thursdays.