January 6, 2011

2011 Voting and Dues Update

Polling:  Electronic polling will open at midnight on January 15th and close at midnight on January 22st.   Ballots will be counted at 10:00 AM in a meeting to be held at 2023 Wilshire.  Owners will receive an email with a link to the ballot and all support documents including the minutes from the December meeting.  Paper ballots are being provided to the two owners who do not have an email address registered.

Dues: The annual assessment amount will be determined by this vote and announced on the 22nd. Dues will be increased this year to fund the capital reserve for road and other infrastructure repairs.  The annual rate is expected to be between $816 - $995 with a quarterly rate between $219-$264.

Payment Date:  The due date for the first quarter payment has been extended to January 31st.  Owners paying the minimum ($816 annual, $219 first quarter) before the 31st will be considered current and will qualify for early payment discounts as long as the difference (if any) is paid before February 15.

Last Call for Candidates:  Currently Robert Bauer (1915), Steve Hillier (121) , Brenda Madison (120), David Ocamb (2017), Randy Renew (1607), Laurie Waldrum (1512) , John Ward (1610) are running for the board of directors.  Hal Pilgram has volunteered to serve on a committee.  If you are interested in serving as a director or as a committeeman please let us know before the polling begins so that your name can be included on the ballot.

This is an important vote - owners will vote on:

2011 community budget and planned projects for 2011
Election of 2011 Directors,
Proposed Amendments to the Covenants and Restrictions
Proposed Capital Repair Plans (roads, sewer, water mains, etc.)