November 14, 2017

Blockage and Odor in Storm Sewer is a Car Hood

The Association ran a robot through 600 feet of the storm drain last night to see if the sinkhole in the street at 107 Brentwood Court was related to a collapse or fracturing of the drains.

The good news is that the storm sewer, with two minor exceptions, is in great condition. There is no costly underground line replacement facing the Association right now. There are other possible causes of the sink hole, but they will not be the magnitude of a storm sewer repair which would be $20,000 or more.

The sewer camera did find the source of the smell in the community. There is a car hood that is jammed 26 ft in from the 2023 garage and it is creating a stagnant water condition. We have contacted the Clay Cooley Kia dealership and the City or Irving Environmental control.  We are asking the dealer ship to crawl down into the 42 inch pipe and retrieve the debris before it is forced deeper into the system.

The second problem area is the storm drain is near 108 Wilshire Court. There is household debris in that section of the pipe. We will work to clear it.

Otherwise the sewer looks great. You can view it in the above video short. We have recorded the entire system for future use.

As an interesting aside: 300 feet in (the length of a football field), we found graffiti inside the sewer pipe wall.