July 5, 2017

Mail Center Approved by US Postal Services

The Post Office approved the project on July 5, 2017.

Our thanks to everyone who commented on the layout of the central mail station during the June review period. All suggestions were added to the plan.

The station will be housed in the center garage of the 2023 Wilshire building. There are five parking places; four 16-foot spaces (at the large garage driveway and the visitor parking across the street), one compact car spot, and street parking for five more vehicles. The driveway will serve as a wheelchair ramp. The door will be closed at night for security (owners can gain access after hours using a touch-pad). This project was approved by a vote of owners; 74% voted for new, more secure mailboxes of which 58% voted for relocating the mailboxes to a more secure location in the 2023 garages.