June 16, 2017

High Tree Trimming

This week and next the Association is pruning tall trees. We have had significant growth this spring with the heavy rains. We also have weather damage to several trees that struggled through two false blooming periods (warm periods followed by cold periods).

Trees are being trimmed at the following address to get them off of the roofing. Most of these trims are 20+ feet up and minor: 1901 Wilshire, 1501, 1616 Brentwood and 2015, 2023 Wilshire

Several trees are being trimmed to get light to the tuff: 1504 Brentwood, and 1915 Wilshire.

Several trees suffered weather damage this spring and are being pruned to remove dead material: 1611, 1623 Brentwood and 2003 Wilshire.

One ally tree is being pruned to provide better clearance for cars.

Four homeowners paid the Association (reimbursed cost) for backyard tree services: 1908, 1910, 1912, and 1922 Wilshire for a total of $875.

Two trees, a 100 year-old Live Oak at 101 Wilshire and a youpon at 115 Brentwood are in shock or dead. The homeowners are evaluating the situation. Tree removal is not covered by the Association.