April 2, 2017

2017 election results are in

Seventy-two percent of the owners turned out in this year's election and budget vote. This is the ninth consecutive vote above 64% participation and the third time reaching 72%. By comparison, voter turnout was 54% for the 2016 presidential election and is 10% -20% for most HOA's using "in person" voting.

Is the Community on the Right Path  Overall, the community scored a "2" on a scale of 1-5. Only five owners voted in the "not so much" or "no" categories.

Assessments: $272 a quarter, comprised of $266 to cover mandatory expenses and reserves and a one year bump of $6.00 to cover the costs for the installation of a new mail station. 29% of voters abstained, rather than approve, the mandatory expenses.
Directors: Robert Bauer (re-elected), Joel Kern (first term), Jesse Mitchell (first term), Randy Ranew (re-elected), David Schneider (serving second year of two year term). The directors will meet and elect who will serve as officers.

Mail station:  43% voted for new mailboxes at the garage (the majority preferring the automated door option), 31% for new mailboxes at the current location, and 26% voted to do nothing or just replace the one ugly box put in place by the Post Office which is old and doesn't match the rest.
Exit gate: The initiative from the annual meeting to install an automated exit gate lost with 58% voting against and 42% in favor.

Amendment 1: No Street Parking  was approved with a 78% majority.
Amendment 2: Violation Fines was approved with a 67% majority.

Infrastructure: Repair Garage Foundation - approved with a 85% majority.
Infrastructure: Repair Parameter Fence - - approved with a 93% majority.

21st-century crime watch: 85% of voters were interested.  20 volunteered to help. A discussion blog has been opened here:
BBQ and/or Christmas Party:  82% of voters were interested.  8 volunteered to help. A discussion blog has been opened here:
Bookkeeper Performance: 47% had no opinion. Of those with an opinion, 89% were favorable of Guardian Management.

Ballots: 68 
Parking Penalty: 53 approve, 15 no 
Violations fines: 45 approve, 22 no 
    29 security upgrade at garage (23 all new+garage+opener, 6 all new+garage)
    21 security upgrade at cul-de-sac (all new+local) 
    16 no security upgrade (12 buy 1 old style box, 4 do nothing )
Garage Foundation Repair: 57 approve, 10 no 
Parameter Fence Repair 63 approve, 5 no 
Budget: 38 ratify, 20 abstain 
Exit gate: 13 for 2017, 1 for 2018, 12 for 2019, 36 no 
Directors:  Only winners announced per Community Associations Institute standards
Crime watch: 20 will help, 33 agree, 9 no 
BBQ & Christmas Party: 8 will help, 43 agree, 11 no 
Bookkeeper: 32 good, 32 no opinion, 4 not great 
Community on right path: 26 yes, 23 for the most part, 13 not sure, 4 not so much, 1 no