May 20, 2016

Irrigation System: 100% Coverage

The annual irrigation system tune-up is underway. 2016 marks the 8th year of doing a 100%, head by head, inspection, adjustment, optimization, and repair.

Since 2009, efforts have been made to improve the coverage each year.

The winter damage this year is one of the most extensive that we have seen in recent years -  more deep underground breaks than normal from tree roots or shifting soils.

We still struggle with water pressure issues in a few areas.  The City of Irving lowered the water pressure a few years ago to conserve water usage. For the community irrigation system, which is old, this has caused some zones to be weak, particularly in Bentwood Court. We are currently exploring options to improve the water pressure.

Marc Jefferies aka Waterboy (pictured left) has been working our irrigation system for seven years now. He is very experienced and has come up with several innovative ways to optimize coverage and be cost-conscious.