January 31, 2016

Annual Meeting Notes

Seventeen owners attended this years annual meeting to discuss the 2016 initiatives and ballot.

A summary of the accomplishments of 2015 included the installation of 17 trees, the painting of 12 homes, the continued improvement in architectural consistency (85% of roofs are now the correct style), a successful conversion to full accounting services, addition of shrubs and a light fixture at the entry, and achieving a solid financial base which will now support infrastructure repairs.

There was an lengthy discussion regarding a $48,000 proposal for street repairs. Some street areas in the community have failed. A copy of the bid specifications for the repairs is located here. Street repairs will be on the ballot along with a proposal to seal the expansion joints to slow further damage.

The was a discussion about the five or so chronically broken owner lampposts in the community. It was recommended that fines be put in place for non-responsive owners. This item will be on the ballot.

Chronic parking problems on Wilshire Drive have not been resolved with six months of notices and diplomacy. A towing contractor (Metro in Ft. Worth) has been retained and the requisite certified letters sent. Towing will begin on February 1, 2016.

A proposal to re-vote the wheelchair ramp additions at the north and south mailbox did not have a general consensus at the meeting nor is the board in favor of re-voting this issue (it was on th eballot in 2014).  The post office has offered door-to-door service to any resident with a doctors note saying they have an impairment and can't easily get to the mailboxes.

Several issues regarding this years painting program were raised. Even though the project is complete, it was agreed to bring the painter back to make some additional repairs. The final payment has not been made.

Additionally, a "painting group purchase" was completed for 1508, 1905, 1907, 1911, and 2009. Warranty work was completed by a separate contractor at 1900, 1903, 2017, 2019, and the garage entry door (side door).

Candidates for the board for 2016 include Chad Johnson, David Schneider, Raune Oliveira, Frank Rodriguez, and Steve Hillier.

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