July 2, 2013

Mid-year 2013 Report

The Board of Directors reports that at mid year the Association is slightly under budget and has transferred $5,120.82 into the capital reserve and $2,249.00 into the Emergency Reserve as budgeted.  Collections have exceed last year's record high - four owners are behind in their dues. Third quarter assessments were invoiced 35 days ago.

Lamp Post Repairs - The Association is hosting a one-time lamp post repair program - owners must sign up by July 26th.  This is an exceptional one-time opportunity to fix a nagging problem very economically.

Irrigation - Summer irrigation repairs are scheduled for next Monday.  If you have a weak or broken head, a brown area, a riser buried in a hedge, etc., please let us know by this Thursday.  This is the last general repair for 2013.

Fence Repairs - The Association is considering a group purchase of fence repairs - if you want a quote please let us know by July 26th.

Accountability - The current board filed Amended Covenants in February in Dallas County which define higher levels of accountability of the Association to the owners.  This accountability was as defined by the owners in 4 general meetings held in 2010 - 2012 and approved by a 67% vote of the owners.  As we strive to meet these higher standards of accountability, the Board has promptly posted on-line all meeting minutes and financial reports each month this year as we strive to meet these higher standards of accountability.

Light Services - If your lamp post bulb or electric eye is not working please report the problem here. This is a no charge service.

Additionally, the Association reports that Diamond Lawn has completed its 18th consecutive quarterly fertilization of the grounds, the painting program will be completed in nine days, and the Association will close on the sale of the land to TxDOT in 8 weeks.  The audit and taxes are behind schedule but in process.