December 6, 2012

Residents Urged to Carry Bear Spray

We have multiple reports of incidents with two large white dogs - residents are encouraged to carry bear spray, not leave your pet unattended in the yard, or off leash.

UPDATE:  The City of Irving has declared these dogs to be dangerous and will remove them from the city limits by the end of the first week of February if the owners do not relocate them.

These dogs may charge you (even from a distance), jump on you, try to enter your home or yard, or fight with your dog. One resident's dog received serious bite injuries (11/26). The dogs also charged two women who were trying to get into their car (12/6) from a distance of 50 yards away, jumped up, had their paws over the shoulders, and were face to face (there were no injuries).  The dogs also jumped up on a glass door after another resident ran into their house to get away.

The dogs are Argentine Mastiffs. The dogs are white with cropped ears and weigh an estimated 100-120 lbs. One is male and the other is female. Neither are neutered and or well socialized.  These are fighting dog with strong prey instincts.  The dogs have been traced back to a family living on Dory Lane.

If you have witnessed anything, please contact the Association for a Dangerous Animal Affidavit - there needs to be several filed before the City they will take action with owners.  David Clemens is the Animal Services Officer working this case.  Resident's are asked not to carry guns because of the risk of stray bullets penetrating the fiberboard siding on the homes ad endangering residents.